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Do You Have Radiant Heating?

If you have radiant heating, we can provide the service and repairs that you need or if you are currently in the market to add a new radiant heating system to your home or office, make Stack Plumbing your first call!

You may have a boiler, a tankless water heater, or a storage water heater that is used to heat the water and those appliances need attention from time to time. Stack can do everything from maintenance and repairs, to complete system installations. If your equipment is not installed properly or not properly maintained, it can cause major safety issues.

Your boiler/water heater should be tuned correctly to ensure that you're not paying for more fuel than you should be.  Be sure that your system is being inspected and maintained annually by the professionals at Stack Plumbing.

The water in your radiant heating system should NEVER come in contact with the water that your family uses in your home.  There are many homes in the greater Seattle and Eastside areas that are installed incorrectly that direct your drinking water run into your radiant heating system.  This is a major problem that can be easily avoided.  Call the professionals at Stack to evaluate your system and provide expert solutions for your radiant heating system.

Be sure that when you lay your head on your pillow at night that you have the peace of mind of a healthy, well-maintained radiant heating system.